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Mega nice :3
Hallo! Ich bin auch in wob und hätte mega Lust!
Doom 5/eternal kommt ja am Freitag raus, aber ich glaub bis Sonntag hab ichs durch, also komm ich
Bin zwar hungover as fuck, komm aber
Kennt ihr diese Geschichte? Hab ich nur als png gefunden, also musste ich so ein bild zu text converter benutzen, damit es lesbar ist.

| encountered an interesting variant of the bottomless quiver in one game. which officially had no name but went called it the Storm Quiver because of haw the enchantment worked.
Essentially, you could put as many arrows INTO the quiver as you liked - but could only take ane out. When you shot that arrow. it split and multiplied into all the arrows that had been previously stored. So. say you
put ten arrows in the quiver. You pull out one. notch it and loose - and your target suddenly gets ten shafts in the chest. But the quivers now empty.
Because it was quite a one-shot thing - it could strip the archer of all ammo in a single burst if used recklessly - the ranger ended up using it as his secondary quiver before splashing back to TWF when archery
became less optimal. Overtime. | thought he had forgotten about the Storm Quiver.
Cut to a year ahead. The main set piece of the campaign is preparing for - and surviving - a massive siege by a conquering Orc horde coming down from the North. While the fighter trains the locals to farm an
effective militia and the casters are out buffing everything they can, the Rogue and Ranger go out scouting, to set traps and try to establish exactly how long we have before said horde hits.

Sure enough, they come across the vanguard and after projecting their expected route the Rogue sets about making the next few miles of road the most unwelcoming possible.
The ranger just finds a nice hilltop where he can see more of the horde. And pulls out the bow that we'd thought he'd never use again.
It turns out that over the last year of weekly game sessions he'd been hoarding every arrow we came across. from the quivers of defeated bandits and the corpses of the slain. He was even buying them fairly
regularly but never really using them since the casters had long since rendered his ranged damage irrelevant. forcing him to go melee.
And at every opportunity. he'd put them in the Storm Quiver. He handed the GM multiple sheets of paper. for every time he'd added something to the Quiver. complete with the arrow types. the number of arrows and
even when and where he'd gotten them so the GM couldn't call bullshit. | can't remember exactly how many he had, but it was a big number.
The rule had been that you could use the Storm Quiver as a kind of AcE effect if you had a decent number of arrows. That rule had been intended for small skirmishes. hitting two guys standing fairly close to each
other, but had the proviso that the more arrows you had, the wider and area you could hit in a cane. The reflex save was pretty high and homebrewed to be based on ranger levels (since it was something put out for
the Ranger).
He stood on the tap of a hill overlooking the rampant horde. pulled out a single arrow, aimed roughly for the center of the army, and loosed. He used his AcE effect to target the entire horde.

The GM looks down at the paper and up at the Ranger. His expression was interesting. as if unsure whether ta be horrified or ecstatic.
"Roll it..."
Prior to going melee. the Ranger had specced as an archer specialist. meaning he still had quite a few feats towards being better at pew-pew archery. The entire group held its
breath as he rolled.
And then when he confirmed the crit. we let out that breath in a joyous outpouring.
The GM is quiet for a very long time before taking a big wadge of paper which had essentially been his plan for the siege next session and throwing it in the fucking trash. Then he began the description.
For a moment. the sun is eclipsed in the valley as a single arrow becomes two. then four, then eight and so on. Soon, so many arrows fall upon the Orc horde that it makes less sense to think of them as thousands
of individuals and more of a single cohesive mass. More died from being crushed than pierced and the river flawed red that day. It wasn't a total wipeout - we still had ta deal with same pretty large-scale Orc attacks
against the city next session - but in a single moment, the ranger personally ended over fifty percent of the Orc horde, routing perhaps another twenty. And of course, the ones that survived were the tough bastards
rather than the moks, as it was a tough fight the next day either way.
The GM ruled that the Storm Quiver would never work again, its enchantment burned out forever by the sheer magnitude of the cockdickery that had been wrought.
Ich denke ich werde auch kommen
OK, bin beim Vietnamesen, und warte auf mein Essen, also bin ich evtl paar Minuten zu spät
Bin schon da, hab Zeitumstellung vergessen..
Ich komm auf jeden Fall!
Hey, Ich bin Stefan, Ich war der fette 15 Jährige der Am 15 da war.
Ich weiß noch nicht genau wer da war, können mich evtl die anschrieben, die da waren?
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