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Der Kalender bietet für Nutzer auch die Möglichkeit, die einzelnen Ereignisse in .ics-Dateien zu exportieren damit ihr eure digitalen Kalender auf Desktop und Smartphone damit füllen könnt.


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Beiträge - Bangrim

Werde mir zumindest das kleine Bundle auch holen. Für 1€ den 15% Gutschein für Cubicle7 ist ein guter Deal, wenn man vorhat da über 100€ auszugeben :D

Läuft aktuell auf Kickstarter und geht absolut durch die Decke.

Stand jetzt über $644.000 -

ZitatA few other features include:

The four core classes: fighter, priest, thief, wizard
A d20-based, roll-high system
No darkvision — total darkness is dangerous
Treasure grants XP, and tracking it is dead simple
Roll-to-cast spells — magic is exciting and risky
Simple distances (close, near, far)
Monster morale and reaction rolls
Always-on initiative — time is easy to track
The six classic stats (3d6 in order)
No skills — just ability checks and advantage/disadvantage
Separate ancestry and class
Randomized character class abilities — emergent character growth!
Low hit points — fast and deadly combat
Simple encumbrance (gear slots)

Erfindet das Rad nicht neu, aber sieht ganz interessant aus.

Falls jemand interesse an einem GRW hat, ich werde beim Kickstarter zu 99% mitmachen. Falls sich noch zwei weitere Leute finden, organisiere ich gerne den "Crawling Group Pledge"
Rollenspiel / Antw:Was hast Du RPG-technisch neues?
22. Februar 2023, 16:06:31
Zitat von: Maniac am 22. Februar 2023, 12:15:50

War auch einer meiner letzten Einkäufe.

Außerdem gab es noch:

Viking Death Squad

Index Card RPG Collectors Edition

The Vast in the Dark

Neues Humble Bundle von Pathfinder 2nd Edition:

23€ und man bekommt Abomination Vaults als Foundry Modul. Top Deal  ;D
ZitatThe feedback is in such high volume and its direction is so plain that we're acting now.

We are leaving OGL 1.0a in place, as is. Untouched.
We are also making the entire SRD 5.1 available under a Creative Commons license.
You choose which you prefer to use.

Über 1500 Publisher haben bereits Support für die ORC angekündigt. Wobei man relativieren muss, weil gefühlt jeder Content Creator der eine mini Veröffentlichung im Netz hat da mit gezählt wird. Die Liste der Verlage und VTT Anbieter klingt trotzdem ganz cool.

ZitatOver the course of the last week, more than 1,500 tabletop RPG publishers, from household names going back to the dawn of the hobby to single proprietors just starting out with their first digital release, have joined together to pledge their support for the development of a universal system-neutral open license that provides a legal "safe harbor" for sharing rules mechanics and encourages innovation and collaboration in the tabletop gaming space.

The alliance is gathered. Work has begun.

It would take too long to list all the companies behind the ORC license effort, but we thought you might be interested to see a few of the organizations already pledged toward this common goal. We are honored to be allied with them, as well as with the equally important participating publishers too numerous to list here. Each is crucial to the effort's success. The list below is but a representative sample of participating publishers from a huge variety of market segments with a huge variety of perspectives. But we all agree on one thing.

We are all in this together.

Alchemy RPG
Arcane Minis
Atlas Games
Azora Law
Black Book Editions
Bombshell Miniatures
BRW Games
Cze & Peku
The DM Lair
EN Publishing
Epic Miniatures
Evil Genius Games
Expeditious Retreat Press
Fantasy Grounds
Fat Dragon Games
Forgotten Adventures
Foundry VTT
Free RPG Day
Frog God Games
Gale Force 9
Game On Tabletop
Giochi Uniti
Goodman Games
Green Ronin
The Griffon's Saddlebag
Iron GM Games
Know Direction
Kobold Press
Lazy Wolf Studios
Legendary Games
Lone Wolf Development
Loot Tavern
Louis Porter Jr. Designs
Mad Cartographer
Minotaur Games
Mongoose Publishing
Monte Cook Games
MT Black
Necromancer Games
Nord Games
Open Gaming, Inc.
Paizo Inc.
Paradigm Concepts
Pelgrane Press
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Raging Swan Press
Rogue Games
Rogue Genius Games
Roll 20
Roll for Combat
Sly Flourish
Tom Cartos
Troll Lord Games
Ulisses Spiele

You will be hearing a lot more from us in the days to come.

Bezüglich Paizo zitier ich mich einfach mal selbst (aus dem Tanelorn):

ZitatZu PF2 hab ich gestern einen guten Beitrag aus Mai 2022 gelesen. Der Post ist von Michael Sayre, Design Manager bei Paizo :

Aktuell ist OGL drin, es gab die Überlegung es für die 2. Edition umzuarbeiten aber der Extra Aufwand (auch in Bezug auf 3pp) war zu groß. Wahrscheinlich sieht man das heute anders.

Und da der Link nicht zum richtigen Kommentar springt hier einmal die Aussage von Michael Sayre:
ZitatThat's less true than you think. D&D already keeps their most defensible IP to themselves and every word of PF2 was written from scratch. Many of the concepts (fighter, wizard, cleric, spell levels, feats, chromatic dragons, etc.) aren't legally distinct or defensible except under very specific trade dress protections that Paizo's work is all or mostly distinct from anyways, and game mechanics aren't generally copyrightable even if PF2's weren't all written from the ground up. Most of the monsters that touch WotC's trade dress protections (i.e. real-world monsters modified heavily enough to have a distinct WotC version that's legally protectable) have already been reworked or were just always presented as legally distinct versions that don't require the OGL, and things like Paizo's goblins have always been legally distinct for trade dress law and protected for many years despite being released as part of a system using the OGL.

Considerations like keeping the game approachable for 3pp publishers, the legal costs of establishing a separate Paizo-specific license, concerns about freelancers not paying attention to key differences between Paizo and WotC IP, etc., all played a bigger role in PF2's continued use of the OGL than any need to keep the system under it. Not using the OGL was a serious consideration for PF2 but it would have significantly increased the costs related to releasing the new edition and meant that freelancer turnovers would have required an extra layer of scrutiny to make sure people weren't (unintentionally or otherwise) slipping their favorite D&Disms into Pathfinder products. It would have also meant all the 3pps needed to relearn a new license and produce their content under different licenses depending on the edition they were producing for, a level of complication deemed prohibitive to the health of the game.

It's possible and even likely that the next edition doesn't use the OGL at all but instead uses its own license specific to Paizo and the Pathfinder/Starfinder brands. It's just important to the company that they be approachable to a wide audience of consumers and 3pps; this time around the best way to do that was to continue operating under the same OGL as the first edition of the game.
Alle bisherigen Veröffentlichungen bleiben unberührt. Alles was dann neu kommt muss die neue OGL nutzen. Das ist zumindest das was ich daraus lese

ZitatHi. I'm Kyle Brink, the Executive Producer on D&D. It's my team that makes the game we all play.

D&D has been a huge part of my life long before I worked at Wizards and will be for a long time after I'm done. My mission, and that of the entire D&D team, is to help bring everyone the creative joy and lifelong friendships that D&D has given us.

These past days and weeks have been incredibly tough for everyone. As players, fans, and stewards of the game, we can't–and we won't–let things continue like this.

I am here today to talk about a path forward.

First, though, let me start with an apology. We are sorry. We got it wrong.

Our language and requirements in the draft OGL were disruptive to creators and not in support of our core goals of protecting and cultivating an inclusive play environment and limiting the OGL to TTRPGs. Then we compounded things by being silent for too long. We hurt fans and creators, when more frequent and clear communications could have prevented so much of this.

Starting now, we're going to do this a better way: more open and transparent, with our entire community of creators. With the time to iterate, to get feedback, to improve.

If this sounds familiar, it's because it's how we do it for the game itself. So let's do it that way for the OGL, too.

We'll listen to you, and then we will share with you what we've heard, much like we do in our Unearthed Arcana and One D&D playtests. This will be a robust conversation before we release any future version of the OGL.

Here's what to expect.

On or before Friday, January 20th, we'll share new proposed OGL documentation for your review and feedback, much as we do with playtest materials.
After you review the proposed OGL, you will be able to fill out a quick survey–much like Unearthed Arcana playtest feedback surveys. It will ask you specific questions about the document and include open form fields to share any other feedback you have.
The survey will remain open for at least two weeks, and we'll give you advance notice before it closes so that everyone who wants to participate can complete the survey. Then we will compile, analyze, react to, and present back what we heard from you.
Finally, you deserve some stability and clarity. We are committed to giving creators both input into, and room to prepare for, any update to the OGL. Also, there's a ton of stuff that isn't going to be affected by an OGL update. So today, right now, we'll lay out all the areas that this conversation won't touch.

Any changes to the OGL will have no impact on at least these creative efforts:

Your video content. Whether you are a commentator, streamer, podcaster, liveplay cast member, or other video creator on platforms like YouTube and Twitch and TikTok, you have always been covered by the Wizards Fan Content Policy. The OGL doesn't (and won't) touch any of this.
Your accessories for your owned content. No changes to the OGL will affect your ability to sell minis, novels, apparel, dice, and other items related to your creations, characters, and worlds.
Non-published works, for instance contracted services. You use the OGL if you want to publish your works that reference fifth edition content through the SRD. That means commissioned work, paid DM services, consulting, and so on aren't affected by the OGL.
VTT content. Any updates to the OGL will still allow any creator to publish content on VTTs and will still allow VTT publishers to use OGL content on their platform.
DMs Guild content. The content you release on DMs Guild is published under a Community Content Agreement with Dungeon Masters Guild. This is not changing.
Your OGL 1.0a content. Nothing will impact any content you have published under OGL 1.0a. That will always be licensed under OGL 1.0a.
Your revenue. There will be no royalty or financial reporting requirements.
Your ownership of your content. You will continue to own your content with no license-back requirements.
That's all from me for now. You will hear again from us on or before Friday as described above, and we look forward to the conversation.

Kyle Brink

Executive Producer, Dungeons & Dragons

Playtest ab Februar!

ZitatWe want to start by saying thank you for all the outpouring of love and support this last week. Project Black Flag is sailing new waters toward its next destination, and we aim to continue to update you weekly.

Special thanks to William O'Brien for staying up all night listening to Manowar and painting our feelings into this beautiful piece of art. William painted the image shown here out of passion for Project Black Flag and what it stands for in our community.

We know you've got questions, and we've got some answers!

What exactly is Project Black Flag?
Project Black Flag is the code name for an upcoming Kobold Press new core fantasy RPG system, available to any publisher or creator who accepts the terms of the soon-to-be-released Open RPG Creative License (ORC). This new open, perpetual, and irrevocable Open RPG Creative License (ORC) was announced on January 12, 2023, and will be shared with the community soon.

Kobold Press expects to support both print and digital formats for Project Black Flag's final release, and Deep Magic (both volumes) will be forward-compatible with the Project Black Flag rule system.

What about the Open part?
Project Black Flag will support Open RPG Content under the Open RPG Creative License, usable by anyone. Open Content will be released after playtests conclude.

When are the playtests coming?
We aim to release the first phase of the Black Flag Playtest Pack in February 2023. To receive information on the playtest process, please fill out the form here.

More phases of Project Black Flag playtesting will roll out over the next few months as we build to a Kickstarter. Your review and comments will help shape the game's final form.

How do I playtest in person?
Gen Con 2023 is right around the corner, and we need volunteer GMs to help us with our first convention playtests of Project Black Flag. To volunteer for GMing and even earn convention badges or accommodations for Gen Con 2023, sign up today.

Who is working on it?
Celeste Conowitch, our Senior Game Designer, is the lead on game design for this new fantasy RPG. She has been working on Project Black Flag behind the scenes since the summer of 2022. Additional designers and developers are currently engaged with the project, as well as several partners from the community. We will have more announcements on the creative team and project partners soon.

How can I support Project Black Flag now?
We know you are excited to raise the Black Flag and support open gaming! Though Project Black Flag is in the early stages, you can support our ongoing efforts for an open Core Fantasy RPG system and the ORC today.

As of today, the Project Black Flag logo is available on various merchandise at our Tee Public store!

In addition, over at the Kobold Press store, every purchase of a printed product will include a free Project Black Flag sticker while supplies last.

As with any new system, there will be a lot of playtesting, and we need your help! Sign up to playtest the new Project Black Flag once it's available!

Also das liest man ja (gerade in Rollenspiel Foren) häufiger..

Der CEO von Hasbro war davor CEO von WotC. WotC hat seit 2015 (oder doch 2014) seine Umsätze massiv gesteigert. Gerade die Jahre 2020 und 2021 waren starke Steigerungen. In 2021 lag der Gesamtumsatz von Hasbro bei 5,X Milliarden. WotC lag bei 1,3 Milliarden. Die Tendenz kommt nicht überraschend, sondern war lange absehbar.

Die Mär das WotC ja eigentlich ganz anders will und nur Hasbro das anders sieht ist einfach nicht haltbar. Den Mist musste man schon bei Activision Blizzard immer lesen. Firmen wollen Profit machen. D&D ist halt im Mainstream aktuell in, perfekter Zeitpunkt um Kohle zu machen.
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